About Us

Westland Greenhouses (Jordan) Ltd. was started on August 1, 1976 by partners Andy Olsthoorn and Peter van Beurden. They originally built 85,000 sq. ft. of Venlo style greenhouses and over the years have expanded to 220,000 square feet. Today the greenhouse is operated by Peter and his sons, Neil and Michael. Neil manages growing and planning of Westland operations.

Over the years we have specialized in
Zygo Cactus (4” and 6”)
Easter Lilies (6”)
Chrysanthemums (4.5” and 6”)
Cyclamen (4.5” and 6”)

Operations and Location

Westland Greenhoues operates year round in Jordan, Ontario, a community located on the eastern edge of the Town of Lincoln, in the Niagara Region. Jordan is bordered by the Twenty Mile Creek and Vineland to the west, Lake Ontario to the north, St. Catharines to the east, and Pelham to the south. Lying roughly 100 km from Toronto and 65 km from Buffalo by road, Jordan is located along a major transportation corridor between Canada and the United States.

The company is proud to be a vital part of the local landcape and strives to be an honourable, moral and ethical component of the Niagara economy.